Willow Growth Partners - Early Stage Capital

The right early stage capital for transformative consumer brands and the technologies that power them.

The Willow Way

We invest in and support a diverse group of founders building tomorrow’s iconic brands.

Our strategy is rooted in three unique pillars:


Better for you, better for the world. Consumers today are demanding transparency and accountability from their brands.

Strong Underlying Metrics

We invest behind strong margin profiles, unit economics, and a quicker path to profitability.

Right Capital Structure

We lead the first institutional round and believe in a rational approach to valuing, capitalizing and scaling, providing the best path to a successful outcome.

We take a founder-first approach and view every investment we make as a true partnership.

Deb and Amanda have been a huge support at every step in the process. From strategy, execution, planning, meaningful introductions, support and just by being true partners in every possible way. They understand founders, the entrepreneurial journey and the struggles like no other investors; they always have your best interest in mind.

Shai Eisenman

The moment Willow came on board, their network became mine, which has proved invaluable from a business development standpoint. Willow anticipates our needs, helping us put world-class fractional CFO and COOs in place, which was instrumental to our growth. They remain our biggest cheerleaders which is important when things go wrong (which is quite often at the early stage!).

Frank Yu

I’ve said it many times, Deborah Benton is the one person who most impacted the success of TomboyX. Her depth of understanding of digital marketing, her supportive optimism, and her keen awareness of meeting founders where they are on the journey - all made a huge impact, not only on the business but on us personally. In good times and bad, she was there to help guide us.

Fran Dunaway

Both Deborah and Amanda are rare forces of nature. Equal parts experience, enthusiasm, and tenacity, they’re always looking for opportunities to help drive the business forward. With Willow as an investor, we have always felt the power behind us is greater than the obstacles ahead of us.

Ted Mico

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